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Forum Rules

Post by TheRealTheKy on Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:43 pm

1. Respect all Members and Staff on the forum. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
2. Make sure all your posts are appropriate without swearing or innapropriate words/images. You will be warned or banned for this.
3. Moderators are chosen by the staff, and you do not need to PM us about being one. We will ask you. Also, do not act like a mod if you arent one. Just let us know if theres something we should know about.
4. Double posting is not allowed on thsi forum. Double posting means to post once, and without waiting for someone else to reply, posting again. In some cases this is allowed.
5. No chat speak. This means talking like..."hi im rely xcited bout dis forum k bye." Its hard to understand , type out your words as best as you can please.
6. Do not use Red Text, as it means a warning, and only admins and mods can use it. Yellow text is also not allowed, because its hard to read.
7. Giving out personal information is not allowed on this forum. It puts your safety at risk and can earn you a warning or even be banned.
8. No Spamming. This means posting everywhere for no reason. Short posts that arent needed are also spam.

More will be added. PM me if you think there is another rule that should be added.

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